VST alias help. Aliases not appearing in Plug-in list

Trying to use valhalla free VSTs as aliased effect plug-ins, but I’m not seeing them come up in the alias lists… Neither AU, VST, or VST3

Anyone have any ideas?

Is this a known issue?

want to tweak those sweet knobs into madness in renoise…

Any help is much appreciated!


I have not used it,but what is the benefits of using it as an alias?

With an alias, you have control over all fx parameters (I believe), and it also allows you to pass midi data to vsts.

It turns out that you can just click the “show/hide parameter sliders” arrow and have access to midi/macro control of parameters without needing to create an alias. Shows you how often I use plug-ins, lol… Ah, ignorance… :upside_down_face:

Hopefully this is useful and/or amusing to someone else

“low level” manual midi mapping could be great in Daws

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