Vst And The Volume Column

Sorry guys I’ve spent my obligatory hour trying to google this or search here on the forums with “vst renoise volume” etc. with no luck.

I’m using vsts instead of samples for the first time and I know that some effects don’t work with vsts, but changes I put in the volume column even won’t effect the vst instrument. I tried going


in the volume column, tried putting in 07 in the panning column, tried putting like


in that farthest left column (effect column?), the volume of this note will not change. I first tried with a pretty common vst, magical8bit plugin to no avail and then tried another, called protopsg which also didn’t work so I don’t think it’s the vst itself. Any help is greatly appreciated.

As you say, some effects doesn’t work on VSTs. I guess you just have to test your VSTs and find out which ones are working with the volumeeffect.

For those that doesn’t work, you can still use automation to control the volume of the VST.

this kind of issues are normal for VST instruments. however, this can be solved if the instrument supports Channel Pressure (CP) or After Touch (AT).

read here about the syntax.

CP can also be used with MIDI Control Device:

well foz, your 12th post in 6 years and it was a good one. I just figured out automation! beautiful! it-alien thanks too. I can’t believe you did those compositions in your signature in renoise! (I mean you did do them in renoise right?ha)