VST and VST3 Automation

Hello everyone,

I am currently testing the Demo of Renoise and im absolutely loving it so far.

There is one specific issue I am dealing with so far though and couldn’t find much info about it in the manual and in the forum … Automation.
Coming from a Ableton and Fl-Studio Background im super used to being able to control parameters of 3rd party software as automation as example:

I create a typical Deadmau5 ish arp sound in Serum and assign the filter cutoff and decay time to my macro1. How do i automate that in the timeline like i do with dsp effects so i can open it up over time?

I found several forum entries talking about the instr. Automation add on but that one doesent nearly contain all parameters and is a pain to navigate.

Being used to just “learn” the macro controls in a daw the parameter im clicking its super confusing for me.

I also saw that in the plugin tab there are macro controls but they are greyed out. Is there a specific way to assign stuff to them?

Sorry if i just overread it in the manual but this is the only thing bugging me out so far.

Thanks you in advance and have a great day!

Also sorry for not being clear in the beginning: When i said “assign to macro1” i was talking about the built in macros in serum not the one in the daw

I reinstalled renoise after deleting all local data and now its working.

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