Vst Arrangement

Not sure if this has been brought up earlier, but I wish to bring this idea to the fore. I’m not sure if VSTs can support this, but it would be very cool to get the VSTs off a line. I like logic’s approach of having the effects units arranged in lines and side chains. Maybe there is no use for this or maybe there is…? Hrmm, I spose you can do this already with send channels. Then why does logic arrange it all graphically where you can route effects in a big spider’s web. Gah my brain has gone stupid. Somebody put me straight on this issue… ;)

You mean you don´t want them in a line?

Do you mean Connecting track effects in a modular way, instead of the chained connections of today.?

You can vote for that in the polls if you are a registered user, but it really is not necessary at all because you can do that with sendchannels…
You can connect a sendchannel to another sendchannel…
Or several sendchannels to one sendchannel…

So you can connect in that same way its only not graphic lines to represent how they are connected.

Personally I don´t have any need for it…

Yeah that’s it. Yeah I was realising that as I was writing the first post. Head in a muddle.

But, maybe the vst bottom section can be set a bit more intuitive. But yeah, I don’t care too much because it does a great job currently. I know that little window gets annoying when you have a vst that has 30 variables on it. Scrolling left and right quickly can be a pain sometimes. Maybe if they could half the slider bar size you’d fit more in there.

Anyway, appologies for my ranting posts… :rolleyes:

well, a non linear chaining of vst-effects would be swell, but keep in mind that this is very hard to code, afaik not even the “big” programs have that (or maybe logic has).

And I know it can be done with sendtracks, but honestly, I never used a sendtrack in my time with renoise (well, once I did). Its just too uncomfortable in my opinion.

It shouldn’t be that hard :) (although it’s not trivial either).

Actually, I’ve made some scetches for this a long time ago,
and know roughly what is needed. I’d gladly take the challenge
some time later, but right now we have many balls in the air
(halffinished features) which we have to finish before we do anything
new, so don’t expect it for many many months…
And I guess we’ll see if the voters want it.

I wouldn’t be very happy if the slider size was reduced.