VST Audio Routing.

Hi there,

I recently bought Komplete 9 and I’m fiddling around with Studio Drummer in Kontakt.
Now I stumbled upon a problem I don’t quite understand.

I have 1 track with kickdrums and 1 track with snaredrums, both from the same plugin.
If I put the kicktrack before the snaretrack (i.e. track1 kick, track2 snare) the sound of track1 will be routed to track2 prefx, so that I can’t use a compressor on the kicks alone for instance.
Now, if I put the the kicktrack áfter the snares (i.e. track1 snare, track2 kick) they will both play on their own track.

The tracks are both routed to the master or the group they’re in.

What am I missing?

Hmm, I’m guessing it has something to do with Kontakt. The moment I have both tracks playing on their own tracks (track1 snare, track2 kick) everything I do on the kicktrack has an immediate effect on the snaretrack as well for some reason. Also, If I mute the snaretrack the kicktrack is back to normal again.

with VSTi instruments you need to configure routing in a different way. renoise cannot ‘just separate’ the output from the kick and snare input notes. You’ll want to load a instrument called something like “Kontakt 8ch”, then in instrument properties, you can go to the right to see ‘Output’ - where you can assign output channels from the VSTi steadily to renoise tracks. (and inside Kontakt there’s probably some way to properly configure what instruments/drums go to what channel)

Found it, are we limited to 4 outputs?

I don’t have Kontakt so I wouldn’t know.

You’re limited to whatever the plugin itself offers. If you need more than 4 outputs, then you should configure that in Kontakt.

Note: Any I/O changes you make in the plugin will not get picked up by Renoise immediately. A reload of the plugin will be required, so you may need to save and reload your song in Renoise.

Shit, nevermind. they were stereotracks… 4 stereotracks = 8 monotracks, doh… :lol:/>