Vst Chess Anyone? :p

now that this is made, time to make a vst chat? Why you ask? Because i never want to leave my renoise interface. :D

:blink: :ph34r: :wacko:
Whatta… what the hell is that?!

Hum, maybe this is the way to get Nibbles in Renoise… :rolleyes:

:lol: that’s what i call being FastTracker like :rolleyes:

Do those chess do anything at least remotely connected with music? Do they make sounds when beating or something? :blink:

BTW, so who will code VST Nibbles? I think it’s an awesome idea. It will be a nice attraction for Renoise users aswell as an example of VST added with default Renoise install. What do you think? :)

ehhehehe… I went exactly like this when looking at the pic for the first time :D
I don’t really think it “sounds”… it’s probably not supposed to generate anything… tobybear are known for their weird-experimental approach to sound but I don’t think they went SO far… :D

No - No - No
Sorry but I want to stop you before we REALLY consider the idea of having a chat client embedded into Renoise’s DSP… that could be the beginning of the end. An included Renoise-branded personal messenger? an embedded dating system for Renoise users? Weather forecast into some trackscope?
No, c’mon, fo real now… :lol:

instead of a vst-chat a mini browser would be better i think… :)

now to learn how to play chess…



What’s wrong with that? :) I really like such weird ideas, FT2 had Nibbles for a reason.

there was once an user who asked info about VST implementation because he wanted to make a Tetris-driven VST synth… :blink:

Okay - let’s imagine we create an extra plugins folder inside the renoise folder.

These plugins is VSTi’s plugins aswell, but these are shown ind the middle (where the pattern is), instead of the bottom. Then we could create a irc vsti plugin, and all kinds of weird stuff i suppose!?



It had to come :)

vst coop

lol, this is too much :P Its one thing to have a vsti chat(that im still searching for) another thing is to implement everything that windows can offer outside your music interface into a vsti. What can i say, this is stupid :P