Vst Delay Compensation

I’ve been using Izotope Ozone recently, and I noticed that it has quite a bit of lag (understndably) … as such, it has this nice little “delay compensation” feature which reports the delay back to the host, so the host can compensate. I tried it, and I thought it was working at first, but then I questioned myself… so now, I have to ask: does Renoise even support this feature?! Kthnx in advance. :P

todo list eh? ok! :D

Yeps, the Star-trek schedule: will be implemented 3 lightyears from now.

load energyxt for that and your plugins in there.

Uh… if Renoise doesn’t support delay compensation, then how will that work?.. the entire point of delay compensation is that the host needs to delay playback of all the other channels so they match up with the already delayed channel… therefore, energyXT is just going to pass that info back to Renoise, and Renoise won’t do anything with it!

serach this forum (for pdc) and see for yourself.

I can’t search the forum for “PDC” silly… words in forum searches must be longer than 4 characters

found the post I think you were reffering to through google…

it’s a request for the following: “- PDC as XT now supports this. Using renoise for MIDI sequencing inside XT and dealing with your plugs inside XT. Not possible currently with XT inside renoise as delays between XT instances can not be accounted for.

PDC should be the next big thing… I have hardware here that I cannot use… Now with the line-in device I can fiddle around with it but absolutly not in sync. I’ve heard it is hard to implement but still after sidechaining and Cubase / Logic style arranger this is needed most…

Sorry, in my case it is an Access Virus TI that has a VST interface to the hardware… I know a bit of an exception but a trend that we most likely will continu to see with other synths.