VST Delay Tails Cutting Short?

(muckleby) #1

I’m using Valhalla Ubermod VST in Renoise 3.1 32bit and find that the tails are being cut off when the sample playback ends. ie. the plugin only outputs audio whilst it is receiving it. The problem does not occur on my desktop running Renoise 3.1 64bit.
Is there some sort of CPU saving setting in Renoise that would bring about this behaviour or is it a bug on Ubermods part?

(Beatslaughter) #2

Add the plugin to a device chain and click the little question mark at the top right of it to open some extra plugin settings. From there disable the auto suspend plugin option. It helped with a similar issue i had with Valhalla Room here.

(muckleby) #3

ahah was looking for this option in the preferences its properly tucked away in that menu.
problem sorted though niceone!

(midi error) #4

odd behaviour for sure, glad to get this resolved!