Vst Disappeared

ah, what is this vst alias for? i had two instances of korgs monopoly running and they were clones, programming one was programming both. i guess there is a simple and stupid solution for this. but now, this vst doesn’t show up anymore in the list. did a rescan, and its still disparu

The vst alias is meant for that support multiple midi channels ( reaktor , blofeld etc… …so you just choose the vst alias of the original instance and set midi channel to ( insert nr.) that way you can control the other midi channels .
The vst alias is also used for sending midi data or gate trigger data to vst effects that support midi in …great feature that was added in renoise 2.0

ok, i like it. but whre is monopoly? it’s still in the session where i used it the last time, but i open new file, no more monopoly… ???


Renoise will not load any plugins that it hasn’t successfully detected when it scans your plugin folder(s). So if Monopoly still loads in your old session/song, then Renoise can obviously still see that Monopoly exists on your system.

Which “list” are you talking about exactly? You mentioned aliases earlier. The aliases list will always be empty unless you have at least one normal instance of a plugin loaded. Without any plugins loaded in your song, there is nothing to create an alias to.

If you cannot find Monopoly in your actual instrument plugin list (not the aliases list), then perhaps…

  • Have you renamed Monopoly to something else (perhaps even by accident)? Are you looking for the correct name in the list? Maybe you have accidentally moved Monopoly into a different folder somehow?

  • Maybe the plugin has been incorrectly detected by Renoise as an effect instead of a synth/instrument? It’s quite rare that this happens, but it still can happen sometimes. Take a look in your Track DSPs list instead and see if you can find Monopoly in there. If it does show up as an effect, then simply try to load it and Renoise should re-detect the correct plugin type.

No, it’s neither found as an instrument nor as an effect, and also not as an alias. it has completely disappeared. i didn’t change anything, and it can be found by and loaded into other hosts. so, i’m pretty sure i just need to uninstall and install monopoly again to use it in renoise. so, i will do this and see if it disappears again. if so, i’ll tell you and maybe you’ll find a little gap or something somewhere in your code.

After reinstalling both Mono/Poly and Renoise the Mono/Poly Vsti is still missing. No problems by the way with M1. Hm, maybe i should do it again and delete the registry settings. It’s windows. Just want to point out that it’s not cracked (never), but Monopoly is still running in demo mode, maybe this is part of the problem. But shouldn’t be, even Max/MSP can open and use the Monopoly, so this is rather a topic for the support…

Have you tried to manually do a Rescan from the Preferences?