Vst Editor For Your Hw Synth

CTRLR v5 beta alpha is out (!) for Osx, Windows & Linux as Stand-alone, VST & AU.
Completely new desing, which let’s you create template’s easily. Internal midi-routing to bypass sequencer. Also completely free.

Nice find! Thanks! :D

I updated the original post as CTRLR v5 is out.
Seems more stable than V4, also much more capable due to easy editor.

Cool aksn!

Have you found panels that are already made for hardware? I can’t seem to find anything but requests on the forum.

Is there any benefit of using this in comparison to renoises “Instr midi control” meta device?

I don’t think anyone else has uploaded templates yet since it’s in alpha phace and released like week ago, but first version of my DSI Evolver editor is there:

Still needs some fine-tuning & more testing but works suprisingly well.
Benefits? Well Sysex is one big benefit, you can create nice custom gui to overview your synth parameters, automate with real names, etc.,
I can finally create simple plugin which has qwerty-keyboard sending midi-notes to rename samples quickly on my ESI-2000 :P

edit. new version:

Very cool! :yeah:
Do you have to route the midi outside renoise for this?

It has internal midi-routing options to have input & output straight from physical midi-port (or virtual).
Renoise doesn’t support midi from plugin, if isn’t implented on latest update. If you meant that way.