Vst Effect Via Midinotes

i don’t know if i am in the right forum. if not, please move to the correct forum!

hello all!.. i was bored again and started a new small tutorial video again.
most of you might know how it works, some of you might not even know about midi triggered vst effects.
so yeah, check it out if you’d like to use izotope stutter or image-line grossbeat or meldaProduction mrhythmizer!
this also works with The Finger by Tim Exile for reaktor! …

Might be the right forum :) … if you suppose this to be a bug. :D

nah ain’t a bug. but i’ve read HELP … :P … so i think the mods will have to move it to “Tipps & Tricks”.
but it isn’t a tip or a trick. it’s how to use renoise :P


I’d think it belongs to “Tips&Tricks” or maybe to “Beginners Questions”. Anyway, I always like video tuts. :)

hey bitarts! :)
yeah. i was confused where to put it at. mods will fix it :)

SCNR ?? :P

SCNR = Sorry, could not resist :)

oh, never heard/seen that abbreviation yet. but well, how do you say … You live and learn. ;)

Is there any way to control different plugins at the same time with different controllers?

Control; I believe Yes. Play notes via MIDI ; No.

Mh… how?

Explain exactly what you want to do but I’m sure I’ve had no problems with standard MIDI Mapping assigning different control to different parameters in different tracks and stuff. Sounds like that is all you’re asking but have a feeling I must be confused as to what you actually want…

From what I understand, plugins such as Izotope Stutter Edit don’t work through normal midi mappings. In order to use such plugins you have to create a Renoise instrument with the vst alias, as explained in the video tutorial. So, if I need to use Izotope and another plugin with the same behaviour, what should I do?

As I said NOTES can NOT be sent to more than one Instrument. Control (CC values) can.

Although I’m not sure if LUA or Duplex have managed to open anything up in this… I think you have to go via OSC to access an Instrument which isn’t currently selected.

Bump for an old thread but thanks to the op for a great tutorial, saved my day !