Vst Favorites

I would like to see a instrument favorites feature. Similar to Internet Explorer, a list of bookmarked instrument settings where if you came across a particular preset you liked in a VST or nice settings on a sample instrument, you could bookmark it. Organizable by adding folders for categories such as leads, percussion, etc. Then when you wanted to access that particular instrument again, you would pull up the bookmark and it would load the corresponding sample or VST and preset settings.


I think you just save your vst instrument as a ordinary instrument. And when you load it that instrument and it’s settings will be loaded.
So just go ahead and creat a map on your computer which you call vsti favourites and then the other maps…And save your vsti’s as instuments there…

…and you can also load/save FXB and FXP files in the instrument settings tab.

in the DSP section (for VST-effects) that’s a great idea!!! the small selection-window is a bad solution in general and the scroll-bar size is really tooo small on 20-30 effects.

i think a better solution are drop-down-menu’s like the vst-instrument selection. why not instead of the dsp selection window 3 buttons: drop down (or better drop up ;) ) menu’s for internal fx, meta fx and vst fx!!!

Thank you for your suggestion splajn, this method works very well.

Thank you for your suggestion as well It-Alien, this gives me two ways I can save my presets.

I agree with Alexander in that the DSP area is a bit inaccessable when using large effects or a large number of effects. It works though so no complaints.


Wouldn’t it be best if the DSP effect selector and the VSTi selector worked like Windows Start Menu? That is - reflect the actual directory structure of the VST Plugins directory (which would allow for grouping VST(i)s in any way you want) and optionally hide the least used items.

That’s my dream - being a freebie addict, I already have around 400 VST(i)s and not being able to group them in the selector is a real pain.


waiting for renoise to load must be a bitch then :D

i only load what i need to use actually, so its okay. but you have to keep them organised in some way too… folders, whatever.

after some reinstallations of all my plugs i decided to use only the most used plugs & instruments (10-20) coz it’s so annoying to install all the mass of plugs (not all plugs are only a simple DLL) … i think 400 vst’s are a little bit crazy!!! ;)

another fact is that i don’t want to edit every install path to keep the vst-dir tidy …

a list sorted by the plugs name is ok … but a drop down menu is a better usability … as i said!

ain’t that bad - 15 seconds and it’s up :) It was far worse to load up a song which used SuperWave Performer demo. Each instance counted down 10 seconds on startup and I’ve had a song which used 8 of them… Man, I could really get my emails done, make some coffee and practice a bit on my bass before that one was loaded :lol:

and you’re 100% right! I’m just too busy/lazy to clean it up - I only delete those plugs that turn out to be crap on the first impression :rolleyes: I’m sure that when the reinstall time comes I will flush 90% of them.

Some will prefer a simple drop down, plug name sorted list and some might prefer a start menu like selector - let’s make it an option.

As for install dirs - I already have my VST plugs dir sorted into fx / instuments and by developper and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing that in the VST/i selectors. But if I had a vst-dir reflecting start-menu-like selector in Renoise, I would definitely take time to group the plugs functionally (Fx->Choruses,Delays,Flangers,Compressors,Reverbs etc).


I agree on most things.

If the plugin handling is gonna change (and it should!) then why not to it properly.
I would suggest to use it in the middelview as an extension of the current solution.
Why not include it into a )middelview browser (from this thread) ?

I did a drawing on of how it could be.:

To the very right you have all plugins available. From there you can drag/drop to a favorites folder (or directly to a track).
You can copy/paste/rename folders and plugins in the favorites folder.
You can of course drag the same plugin to several different places at once into the favorite folder. This way you can have the very most used in the root. And also sort it into ‘type of device’ like compressors/delays/reverbs etc. And ‘company folder’ like Waves,TC Native, Ultrafunk, Blueline etc.

I also included a better view of the presets. Each plugin in the ‘favorites’ should have a default preset bank that is automatically loaded. This bank follows the ‘favorites’ and not the original plugin. So if you delete/reinstall a plugin the plugin and it presets wont disappear (the plugin will be red tho… if the plugin path is invalid).
This way you wont have to worry about exporting/importing presets all the time. But of course this is still possible.

Well the drawing speaks for it self…

one thing tho… When you double click (or draginsert) a plugin to a track it would be very handy to have a function to replace the last inserted device (by holding down ctrl or something when inserting the plugin to a track). This way you can quickly try out different plugins and presets without the hassle to remove the device each time.