Vst For Mac

Hi everybody,
I’m a relatively new renoise user with mac. My version 2.5 (but 2.o neither) doesn’t even visualize the vst plugins instruments and effects in the track dsp. I followed the procedure for tracking the vst plugins and tried to save some in hd/library/plug-ins/vst, but the result is always “0vst instrumenst and effects”. I guess it could be a matter of storing vsts in the right folder, as well as finding the suitable vst for mac. Can anybody help me solve this? Thank you in advance.


On a new version of Renoise for Mac, only AU is enabled.

In the Preferences, make sure you have the checkmark enabled for VST.

@see: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Preferences

hi, mac generally uses two formats for plugins: .AU = audio unit and .VST = mac VST format… most free plugins on the internets are in pc vst format = .DLL

so, on the mac, usefully you would look for plugins which file extension end in .AU that you drop in: hd/library/plug-ins/audio-unit (or whatever it was named on the mac :P )
or when it’s VST (more rare) in: hd/library/plug-ins/vst , but make sure the mac vst extension ends in .vst (mac) and not .dll (pc)

HI there guys.

Please please help me out here. I am new mac user and I am completely lost on some things. all i need is to find a way of allocating these bloody vst instruments! no, for some reason they cannot be found anywhere (i.e. Applications>Audio>VST etc etc), i swear.

i’ve tried installing rob papen’s predator synth on my cubase 5 and it didn’t work. alright, i went online and it turned out i need to enter these activation codes using the eLCC which rob papen mentions nothing about. I’ve downloaded the licence via eLCC but where the hell is my VSTI/synth located? searching for it via cubase 5 is a waste of time since the program does not allocate the Predator synth.

Please please please, somebody help me out. this whole setting up with software (incl. cubase 5) has been going on for months and there r always some obstacles coming up. i would be immensely helpful if you could at least give me a few hints.

thank you

-warning- im a mac noob.
but to my knowledge, all vst plugins go (default install) to home -> Library -> Audio -> PLug-ins -> VST

also be sure to search for file name (not content) when searching “vst”.

and maybe you want to check out backline http://www.audiofile-engineering.com/backline/
audio unit and vst manager for mac. sadly no freeware.

otherwise, i recommend to use plugins you dont have to install, those ones you just have to drag&drop into your vst/components folder.
mostly free ones, you know. a good point to start is here http://www.studiotoolz.net/

Looking in wrong place.

apple’s plug-in directory is in 2 places.
both in the Library.

open your hard drive and go to:



*make sure Finder has the location bar looking like above.

in one of those places is where predator synth in installed.

cubase or whatever else probably isn’t looking in the correct directory for where your plugin is installed.

up, Engine beat me to it. :)