VST FX Alias and PDC problem

Hi devs,
I’m recently interested in my odd project “Renoid”, and there is one thing which I don’t understand well about PDC.
Renoid uses several pitch shifter plugins like KeroVee, FL’s Pitcher etc, which can recognize VST FX Alias signal.

Then during making some Renoid tunes, I’ve noticed that sometimes tiny timing gaps have happened between the Track related to VST FX Alias.

For example, this is the Renoid tune for the PDC test.
(KeroVee is needed, so Windows only)

  • first, please listen this tune normally.
  • next, as I’ve already set the “#PDC Test Deley device” to the “Words 1” track, set the Latency slider to some degree, then please listen this tune again.
  • You can notice that this tune sounds different. I guess (maybe I’m wrong though) this is because the PDC isn’t affected to the VST FX Alias signal from the “Melody 2” track.

Though I already find a temporary solution for this problem. If I insert the same plugin to the “Words 2” track, the delay is corrected (counterbalanced), even if the plugin is bypassed. But this solution is a bit annoying when if I use some plugins in some Renoid tracks.

Is there any other solution for this problem?? :unsure: