Vst-i Tracker (news From Kvr-vst.com)

dunno if someone here already mentioned or checked it out:

":: nashNET VSTrack v0.8.4 alpha released 22nd May

nashNET have released an alpha version of VSTrack, which is apparently the ultimate union of sequencing and tracking. VSTrack is a VSTi plug-in that provides a tracker interface, based on Impulse Tracker II, to the user. Unlike normal VSTis which simply take MIDI input, VSTrack’s editor window is a tracker interface, which takes on the role of the ‘music sequencer’ - synthesizing both music and sound."


works not in Renoise :D :lol: :P

but there will be a case study of Renoise:

http://www.nashnet.co.uk/english/vstrack/b…ound.htm#c2_3_4 ( the last sentence - bottom of the page)

very interessting reports on nashnet in general!

go IT2! reprazent! :yeah:

Maybe he’d be interested in working on Renoise?

He was. He wnated to improve the IT importer, but doe to lack of time this never has happend.

I don´t get this. Sure this one would be useful in some programs like cubase or ableton. But why should this one have to work in Renoise??? A tracker in a tracker, eh what?


unfortunate. it would make remastering all my unreleased ITs in Renoise much simpler. has his involved been officially axed?

I think that was a joke ;)

One thing he obviously has some experience in is in VST/i programming so one thing he can help with is to make renoise available as an VSTi client :D

by the way… am I the only one who can’t access the site?

edit: ok it is working now

Hi fellas!

Thanks for the kind words! I apologise for the short message, but… as taktik undoubtedly knows… I am a bit busy at the moment… 25,000 words on my thesis (VSTrack) and counting… 25,001, 25,002…

This is just to say that although I am bogged down with work at the moment, I do plan to honour my promise to taktik - I WILL get involved in Renoise (if they’ll have me), but my studies must take precedence. My experience with VSTrack has given me great insight into Impulse Tracker, including parsing IT files… so I’ll definitely be able to help out in that area!

Thanks again,
Chris Nash

PS: That web address, just in case you missed it… ;o)


I think it’s an extremely good idea to have ReNoise as a VSTi. I really miss the tracker interface, and the tracker philosophy, but for different reasons I have to work in a VST environment (namely Cubase and EnergyXT). Therefore, I’m wondering if there are any plans for the (near?) future to develop a VSTi version of ReNoise.

Does this sound sensible? Does ReNoise as a VSTi sound like a good idea to you guys?

Currently I only know of VSTtrack and Skaletracker that are available in VSTi form (Skale will be available within a near future). Does anybody else know of any other trackers that can be integrated within another VST host as a VSTi? I’m eager to hear any suggestions :).

Best regards,

I would love to be able to track in my trusty IT interface again. I’m using FLStudio at the moment and this thing would be a great addon. But your studies should take precendence, indeed. B)

Renoise as vsti would be great for collaborations with other artists using Cubase etc. This would bring Renoise to higher level for sure.

Hell yeah. But I mean, Renoise would then be directly in contact with Cubase users. Let’s just agree on ‘another level’ then shall we ;)