Vst Ignore List?


Renoise crashed once while attempting to load a certain VST. It had -nothing- to do with the VST, only that my computer freaked out and decided to lock up at that particular time.

Renoise created a log of it, and ignored the VST from then on out. I didn’t think much of it at the time (since I rarely use said VST), but now that I need it, I simply cannot find out how to restore it.

I have dug around everywhere for information on how to do this, but I have yet to surface anything.

Apologies if this is listed somewhere obvious, but it’s becoming really frustrating.

Thanks much,

In your application data path theres a renoise folder with a “CachedFailedVsts.xml” in it. If you delete that file, next time you start up renoise it’ll be reborn/created again, hopefully now without the needed plugin.

edit: not your normal installation folder, if you can’t find it, search windows for “CachedFailedVsts.xml” + I think you can also manually delete the plugin name from the cached list, but I never bother :)

good luck

Thanks a bunch, dude. Really helped. :]