Vst: Ik Multimedia Tracks 1.3 Update Problem On Os X

Yes, i’m a fool for having wasted my money with these people…

TRACKS 1.3, an update to 1.2.1, was released a few weeks ago. Instead of a sane upgrade showing some degree of competence, these identical plugins now have new names and ID numbers which are incompatible with every track I have made so far.

An example of the XML for the older version

<pluginname>VST: TRackS Limiter</pluginname>  

An example of the XML for the “upgrade”:

<pluginname>VST: TRackS1.xLimiter</pluginname>  

What’s the best way to swap the plugins without losing my data? Renaming them didn’t help. Do I have to manually edit the XML files? Or is there (hopefully) a better way?

Also, what’s the CDATA? They are not identical…

Also, I did a grep from Renoise.app and found a bunch of TRacKS info in:


Would editing that file help?

Could you simply keep both versions installed? Rename the old .vst bundle to avoid that it gets overwritten…

If you really want to hack the renoise xmls, try to first to adapt the only. With a bit of luck, the new vst will convert the old vst data correctly.

The CDATA is the raw (unserialized) data for the used vst presets. The plug saves/loads it to store/restore its state.

I could keep both versions installed, yes. But I won’t. :)

Thanks for the tips.