Vst In Renoise For Hardkick Drums?

I have never used a VST before. Is it possible to use any VST in Renoise, or should I check this (and how) before buying a VST?

Wich VST is a good VST to create hardcore kicks with, like this:

Thanks in advance!

Wow that is fun! Hey, but the song has several different kick drum sounds in it. There is no 1 way to get all these kicks. Renoise is perfect this, because you can load up several different types of kicks in one instrument…

However… Because of the way this is done, and the distortions, and the automation on the distortion, and for all sorts of reasons… I bet dollars to donuts this track uses Battery, by Native - Instruments.

They may have made the kicks, they might not have. To make kicks like this, is not so easy. Would take me a lot of typing, and thinking, to identify each kick, and explain the distortion, the filter envelope… etc…

But if you had some already made kick drums, you don’t even need a vst. Just load them into your Renoise instrument, and start messing about with the distortion, and the scream filter. I’m sure after some tweaking, you will begin to feel, and see the results…

Renoise has excellent support for vst instruments and effects. Any current vst instrument with a square wave, pitch envelope, and distortion can make good hardcore kicks. I’d recommend checking out Camel Alchemy, NI Massive, or Zebra 2, these synths can do pretty much anything.

just google for gabber or hardcore, distorted 909 kicks sample packs and you’re bound to find these kind of sounds. No need to synthetically recreate them imo, although I’ve heard good kicks come out of NI massive.

Here, like this guy is sharing:

I have to say that this…

is the best vst drumsynth I’ve com across for kicks. Well, that and the d16 stuff but the d16 stuff is very very specific.

being an industrial hardcore and dnb producer i beg to disagree

avoid like plague 909 kick drum it’ll make you sound like 90’s rave hardcore (but perhaps that’s what you want to sound though)
you need three part to make a good hardcore kick

each part is a kick so basicly take any waveform and put a env > pitch
An attack . take a clean kick with a punchy sound. compress if to fuck (with long attack to shape the transient) and perhaps sidechain it to the tail to make it cut through the mix
A distorded tail . for this kind of mainstream hardcore use foldback distorsion. try to get creative use different waveform, fm anything. lot’s of equing is needed most of the time
A bass tail this part should be lower than the rest and keep it clean. you can compress it for more omph

try to master distorsion and be creative. with hardwork and time you’ll get kick as good as these artists. but avoid simplicity like i take a 909 kick put distorsion and voila ! you will end with muddy, lofi, oldschool kicks with no bass

I have no problem with the rest of your post, but I would like to say that the humble 909 and it’s wonderful emulations such as d16s Drumazon is a lot more versatile than that. It makes a really good short cut of a bassdrum.

In fact with the hipass, saturation and appropriate eq knocks it makes a nich top end cutter too.

Microtonic seems to be the most popular one besides 909 Kicks. :drummer:

I like to use EKS-9 + Renoise internal FX. I don’t create Angerfistish kicks though. ;)

Apart from that, virtually every VST(i) should work fine in Renoise.

Here is one tutorial that show the whole process. There is much more in youtube.

yeah, basically tweak ohmicide on anything lol.

Pretty much :D

i’ve got nothing against 909 but what i would stress is making kick is hardly rocket science (put on env to the pitch) so by making with a synth you gain more control on env and this way you could change the waveform, try fm or anything.
this synth could be a dedicated drum synth like microtonic or drumazon but any synth that have quite fast env would do the job. so if you allready have a good synth stick with it. you don’t NEED to buy anything specific for kick

If you have the four basic wave-form samples (block, saw, sine, noise), you don’t need to buy anything, you can create your drumsounds yourself. It is even more fun experimenting with basic waveforms that way.

So very true, and Renoise is one of the few hosts where it’s actually advantageous to use samples instead of plugins. But if you absolutely must have a VSTI then NI Massive is probably one of the best/easiest to make good heavy kicks with IMHO. Either that or go with something like Alchemy or Zebra 2 , they are so powerful you won’t need another synth for atleast a few years. You probably would learn the most about the actual sound design from doing it all in Renoise though.

This topic lead me to here:


:drummer: :yeah: :drummer:

That’s a lot of information, thanks all! I’ll check or there are demo versions of Drumazon and Microtonic and try out everything posted in this thread!