VST installation?

Hello. I have been using Renoise for a few days and have not figured out how to install VSTs. I manually installed Renoise 3.1.0 in my D: drive which is my biggest drive. All the vst instructions I have seen require going into a renoise folder in C:/Program Files but i don’t have such a folder. If any more information is required to help then just ask. Or better yet redirect me to a post that has resolved this issue already as I have not found one up to date or having my specific issue. Please help me as best you can. -EnderScrolls

PS: image of program files folders attached. request anything else needed to be screen capped.6986 renoise evidence.png

Look here: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Preferences#Plugins.2FMisc

Basically you install VSTs systemwide, wherever you like (there are conventions on how to do it though, look at the default folders), and then tell each program that you want to use them where to scan for them.

It works! thanks for the help.