Vst Instrument Help

I’ve had the demo for a fair while and getting into it’s way of working so jumped in and bought Renoise proper.
Time to put it to work.

Quick question.

Coming from a conventional daw, I was looking for how to use more than one synth plugin.
I put Imposcar on Track one and then wanted to use another synth on track3. This is possible I assume?
I’m sure it’s in the manual but can someone point my nose where it should be looking please.


You’ll find this section of the the manual helpful.
In Renoise, VST synths (and samples, MIDI input, etc.) aren’t bound to one track. To add another VST instrument (or sample, etc.) select a different slot in the instrument selector (top right) and BAM! a nice new empty instrument slot for you to populate.

Remember, in Renoise, synths don’t go “on tracks”. Each one is just another instrument that you can use wherever you want.

Super smashing fab mate. Thanks.
Understood perfectly when I read through it.
I’m loving this baby now