VST Instrument path

I have 4 directories with VST instrumetns.
In Renoise, there is only possible to have two paths for vst-dll directories.
Is there any way how to add another direcotry path ???
Why it is limited only for two?

Thank you.

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usually the user should use a single VST directory organized into subfolders because there is an environment variable (f.e. in Linux systems it is called VST_PATH) into his operative system which points to that directory.

anyway, have you tried if putting a shortcut to the other directories from the one which is pointed by Renoise solves the issue for you?

Unfortunately, it doesnt work :(
I think every DAW is searching only for dll files in specific direcotry, not for any others files.

Well almost all programs install in something like “C:\Programs\Steinberg\Cubase\VST”.
After I’ve reinstalled windows a couple of times since I started doing production I got wise to this. And various DAWs have various amounts of folders that you can specify, however, they all search for the subdirectories too. So you do not have to specify e.g. both “C:\Programs\Steinberg\Cubase\VST” and “C:\Programs\Steinberg\Cubase\VST\Native Instruments”…
So the question is really, why do you have 4 different directories, and can you not solve most of the problem by moving them all together in something like C:\VST with subfolders?
(most VSTs don’t go bugging if you move them especially if you move all the files that ‘sit next to them’ too

If you use linux (and probably osx) you can create symlinks in one directory pointing to wherever your vst’s are… on windows, tuff luck :confused: “shortcuts” don’t cut the mustard because they’re not real shortcuts, they’re just files with names ending in .LNK

On Windows (with NTFS) you can use symbolic links:

You are definitely right. Next time I will do it. But now…I am not going to reinstall all the plugins only because of the Renoise. The problem is…some plugin are C:\Programs\Steinberg\Cubase\VST and some C:\Programs\VST than there are 32 and 64 bits for both = 4 different directories. Moving dll will not work I think. Some VSTs has complicated directories structure…Nexus for example.

Yes, win NTFS here.
I did not know about this at all. Going to try it and let you know.
Thnak you very much.

Only question: I think the symbolic link will affect whole system, it means…will there not be a misch mash in vst dll for other DAW?

in that case, simply remove the other paths from the configuration in the other DAWs

The symbolic link is a one-way process only, so your other applications should not be affected by it.

I would recommend that you create one primary VST folder such as C:\VST\ and then add your symbolic links in there. You do not need to rearrange your other folders.

For example: Open a cmd.exe window with the necessary Administrator privileges, then input the following commands…

CD /D C:\  
MKLINK /D CubaseVST C:\Programs\Steinberg\Cubase\VST  
MKLINK /D OtherVST C:\Programs\VST  

(Repeat the MKLINK process for any other folders you wish to add)

Now simply use C:\VST\ as your single plugin folder in Renoise. It will detect everything, and it doesn’t even matter if you’ve got both 32-bit and 64-bit plugins mixed in there, because Renoise will automatically choose the correct one.

That would be a great feature for a future version of Renoise…either the ability to add more than 2 directories for VSTs or the ability to read Windows 8 libraries (I created a custom library for all my VST directories). Some VST installers INSIST on creating their own directories without giving the enduser a chance to specify.

You should simply not respect those VSTs. And not install them. :P
But yeah I think that 2 dirs is more than enough, it’s merely a organisational thing once you know this. I think FLS has 8 or more dirs, some DAWs have 2, some have 4, some have really only one. Some DAWs exist without VST support and some of those are still quite good and prospering and shi*. It’s just a lesson learned.

That is definitely a design flaw and not acceptable.

Yes point us at the creators of these VSTs and we’ll come with you to point at them and laugh.

I’m working on a linux system and have two folders for VSTs. Natives and windows. (.dll ‘wrapped’ to .so) Creating a softlink of Steinberg/VSTPlugins to the native .vst folder solves this issue.