VST instruments and MIDI in renoise

Is there still no native way to allow VST instruments in renoise send/receive midi/sysex besides using energy XT?

I know there aren’t a lot of people out there using hardware synths and ctrlr, but since both renoise and ctrlr can be scripted with Lua it’s an awful shame these two applications Ctrlr and Renoise still don’t play together w/o a 3rd party app that doesn’t even get us completely from here to there.

I want to be able to record automation on my synth using just a vst channel with a ctrlr panel doing all the work, but in renoise, not flstudio, without using energy XT:


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let me put this terms people might be able to understand.

besides being able to use ctrlr to record/play back automation…

Say you have a wavetable synthesizer, from a waldorf microwave to a mutable instruments sthruthi.

If renoise was capable of sending/receiving midi/sysex from within VST instruments if you load ctrlr into a vst channel you could write with Lua a program that would allow you to build and edit the wavetables on your actual hardware synth from samples within renoise. an XRNI could actually be a wavetable. renoise’s sample editor could be used as a wavetable editor.

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still curious? check out ctrlr if you have no clue what I’m talking about

Is there any reason you need CTRLR to do this and not purely Renoise API?

I personally don’t use enough hardware for it to be of that much interest to me, I just wondered… Especially with tools like Guru, Renoise native seems to be moving forwards at least somewhat in these areas. Plus it makes it truly cross-platform.

thanks kaz, actually after I posted that last message I started to ask myself the same question… which has lead to an idea that maybe I will crack open and finally dig into my first tool for renoise.
I’ve already gotten pretty far into a Lua based wavetable editor within ctrlr which I’d like to get wrapped up before starting a new project, but I know what my next project will be (oh shit I had 3 others on deck… never enough time!) That video I posted above is my own panel editor all made in ctrlr with a few thousand lines of Lua. I’m putting in a very slick wavetable editor, too much fun.

There doesn’t seem to be a mass of people asking for this feature (allow VST channels to be able to send/receive MIDI)… and there aren’t a whole lot of vst plugins that exploit this possibility but they are out there and the results can be quite cool to experiment with besides having a vst midi controller handling all your automation just like your soft synth automation is handled. This is more than convienient for musicians who have MIDI synths laying around.

I hope one day renoise opens up this door.

+1 for allowing VST plugins to receive or send sysex. It’s frustrating, there are a bunch VSTs (like emulators of real hardware) that rely on sysex. Please support that! :slight_smile:

Or else release Renoise in Open Source so I can implement it myself. :wink:

release Renoise in Open Source

Lol I don’t really foresee that happening buddy :slight_smile: