VST issue - Renoise, Big Sur, and Serum

I’ve downloaded Serum from Splice and I’ve noticed an issue with VST’s on Mac Big Sur. When I rescan for VST’s, Renoise doesn’t see the new VST. I’ve tried moving the VST’s, restarting Renoise, and the computer and still nothing.
Serum obviously works with Renoise as I’ve seen other posts on it, so I’m not sure if this is a new issue on Big Sur.
One other thing to note, other VST’s are working and showing up from the same directory.
Does anyone else have this issue?

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 5.50.29 PM

Don’t know if it will help, but if Renoise fails to register a VST I always try finding the Renoise preferences directory (i.e. go to Help->Show the preferences folder menu item.) in a file manager. Close Renoise and delete any Cached*.db files. Reload Renoise to do a rescan.

Thanks for help, I found the issue. As usual with these types of issues, it’s user error :grin:
The Serum plugin was loading, but it’s only visible from the “Plugin” tab.

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