Vst Management


i’ve been mucking around with VSTs to get a feel for them… read the wiki entry and stuff. There’s 2 things which i feel should be possible but i’m struggling to work them out.

  1. When i load a vst (say mda Piano) there’s a few different presets (if i use the Program box in the vst settings) that affect the sound. it’s all cool. But, how can i add my own new presets, or modify the current list? i got a bass guitar vst and theres about 60 presets in a Bank file, only about 10 of which i like… can i delete the rest so when i load the bank its only the good ones? i can only find save/load buttons… same with preset.

  2. I can’t get the alias idea to work. In my understanding it works like this: i can load a vst (mda piano) and select the “dark piano” sound… then load an alias into a second instrument slot and have a different preset selected. Is this what it’s for? if so, are there other steps i’m missing? (i remembered to change the channel #).


hey thanks for the reply…

  1. yeah, i know about .fxb and .fxp files… but my question is whether i can edit those files or somehting, because i only like a few of the presets in the file.

  2. After re-reading that vst bit, i’m still confused about it. What exactly is the POINT of alias’ing a VST into a second slot if it’s going to sound exactly the same? Is it so that you can use it in a second channel?

The point of VSTi aliases is as follows:

Midi has 16 channels.

There exist VSTi plugs that are multitimbral i.e. they will play different sounds depending on the channel of the incoming midi notes.

Now Renoise is a midi whore, i.e. it will accept notes on all channels and send them to the current instrument, effectively wiping channel info from the notes themselves.

Aliases allow you to ‘reassign’ some channel info before the notes are sent as midi events to the VSTi.

Effectively, you can assign each timbre in a multi-timbral VSTi to a different instrument in renoise.

Regarding question one, if you really want to make your own banks you can do the following workaround:

  1. save the presets you like from a VSTi as *.fxp file (below the VSTi list) and collect them in a folder

  2. download the Patch to Bank Utility

  3. use this utility to create a *.fxb file from your selected *.fxp

  4. now you can load the bank in Renoise

Please note, that this utility doesn’t work for all vst, but worth a try.