Vst Midi Channel Issue

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you for reading my post in advance.
I have a vst rompler so to speak called CMplay, it has around 16 midi out channels. The purpose being so that you can route these channels to different tracks, thus saving cpu as you don’t have to open another instance of the plug in. I have adjusted the setup routing accordingly(bus 1, track 1 bus 2 track 2), however both tracks only play with the instrument of one of the channels/buses…I have tried all sorts of combinations to no avail.
In addition, I have tried to use more than drummachine plug in, with the intent to program kicks on one track and snares on the other etc. When I place an effect(such as eq, filter, distortion) on one track it effects the sound on all of the tracks using the plug in irrespective of which plug in I have chosen.(!) I have also tried to play around with configs to remedy the issue to no avail. When I use the built in drum kit in renoise this issue does not occur. I am not aware if these issues are limitations of renoise or an error of mine…I read something in an earlier post of problems with vsts and multi cores so if it helps my cpu is a core 2 duo.
Thx 4 your help and renoise rocks! :)

looks like the plugin is bugged?

in any case, it looks like you have already read these:

Audio Routing

Using VST (in particular the section “Using a VST Instrument Alias through channelling”)

Sometimes you have to specifically assign a bus to the sample or instrument slot inside the plugin as well to have this working. Some plugins by default route everything through the master stereo out and not through the bus, so be sure that you have checked that as well.