VST: Multiple notes but no multiple volumes


When using a sample, i am able to add extra notes and control their own volume by using the 00->80 values in the volume FX column.
When using a VST , i am also able to add extra notes, but the hardcoded volume FX (e.g. 80/40/20) are not respected/ignored and every note is played at the same volume (something that i do not want).

Green = sample = different volumes. Red = VST = one volume:

I also cannot use the other FX column since that will affect the whole track when playing multiple notes simultaneously. Automation is also not an option since that will also affect all notes.

Is there any way to accomplish what i want, besides cloning the full track + add an extra instance of the VST?
Thanks in advance.

Which VST is this ?

Sometimes VSTs doesn’t take account of velocity, I have the case with a hammond organ emulator, because the original instrument doesn’t have velocity in its design, VST doesn’t either… Maybe you are in this case ?

For other VST’s, this work like a charm (for example I use a Rhodes emulator where velocity is handled)

To me it looks like you added your volume settings in the panning channel (yellow) instead of the volume channel (green). But that’s not the issue. The issue is that you can’t control a VST by pattern effect commands (have a look right here). You have to do this by automation or you can duplicate the VST as often as necessary and set different volumes to each of it. Or you can check out the instrument commands.

Obviously I’ve got another Renoise than others. My volume channel is green and my panning channel is yellow, it never ever was different. But in the manual it’s vice versa, just like your Renoise. So you did everything right. Sorry for the confusion. :wink:

Up to each VST to decide how to interpret velocity.

( If it doesn’t just fuckin work, sample it and use the volume column with your new samples. )