VST parameter value changes before reaching automation


I wonder if this is normal behaviour. I set the cutoff frequency of DIVA to maximum by hand, but as soon I start the track the cutoff switches to the value which is set in line 5. Does that make any sense?

That’s the feature “Automation following” AFAIK, in song settings. I think it makes sense, as long as you think automation as (spline)-lines or so? Never used numeric automation for vst, though. Is the feature enabled in your song?

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Automation begins at first value for that parameter in the track. So your value, 2180, will not trigger at line 5, it triggers at line 0 because it’s the first parameter for Renoise to recognize. You can work past this by putting whatever you want the parameter to start at in a line above it.

Here’s an example, this becomes very apparent with turning plugins on or off. Say you have a plugin off value on step 64, but nothing before it. Even if the plugin is on initially, Renoise reads “ok start with plugin off because that’s the first value to start at”, even though it’s below the playhead. So you’d place a plugin on message anywhere before it, even line 63, to have the plugin start on, THEN turn off on line 64.

Same thing for your filter cutoff.