$VST_PATH Ubuntu

Hii. Im using Ubuntu.
I am trying to set my vst path to /home/fuimadane/vst , but i somehow managed to dobble it, so now when i cho $VST_PATH it looks like this:
echo $VST_PATH

Can you help me to change and correct it. Acidbox needed a VST_Path so thats what im trying to. And yes, i am a new Ubuntu Linux user :smiley:

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export VST_PATH=/your/new/path

That will set a new environment variable in your current session. To make it persistent you must add that line somewhere that gets loaded all the time, like maybe ~/.bashrc or bash_profile or whatever

Look up environment variables. It’s a common thing in Unix/Linux

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Sorry about this ( learning )
So it’s will be
export VST_PATH=/home/fuimadane/vst ?

now it looks like this:
fuimadane@fuimadane-ZenBook-Pro-15-UX550GEX-UX580GE:~$ echo $VST_PATH

it works the first time when i start up the terminal and run renoise directly after, but when i close the terminal and open it again it and type echo $VST_PATH it then looks like above

Try adding this line to the end of the file “~/.profile” (open it with a text editor)

export VST_PATH=/home/fuimandane/vst:$VST_PATH

Then log out and in again. The path should be set for your user. Check it in a terminal with:

echo $VST_PATH

With just “export” the settings will only work in the terminal, not for the whole system. That is why it is reset once you leave the terminal, and also why the programs won’t see the path unless you start them in the terminal where you set the variable.

Thank you for your reply, but ( im so sorry ) how do i “(open it with a text editor)” ?

VST_PATH=/home/fuimandane/vst:$VST_PATH~/.profile in the terminal. But i do not know how to open it with a text editor

Which version of ubuntu do you have installed?

Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

start from terminal

gedit ~/.profile

Then add the path at the end of the file in a new line, and save it.
Like this:

export VST_PATH=/home/fuimandane/vst:$VST_PATH

log out the user and log back in (or just reboot). then the variable is set for all programs you start as user.

I am really sorry, and thank you for your patience, but it still gives me:

fuimadane@fuimadane-ZenBook-Pro-15-UX550GEX-UX580GE:~$ echo $VST_PATH

Is it possible to “gedit $VST_PATH” so i can edit the path ?

And btw, Renoise wont find the vsts unless i $ VST_PATH=/home/fuimadane/vst renoise

No, gedit can only edit a text file. The text file “~/.profile” is a (hidden in your home folder, there is a dot in front of it) configuration file that gets read each time you log in. There you can export the path, so it will work for the whole installation, but only after you completely log out the user and log back in again. A simple export will only work in the terminal or script where you started it. VST_PATH is not a text file like “~/.profile”, but a system variable, there is a difference.

Is the output you get from a fresh termina, i.e. did you close the terminal and start a new onel? I see there are multiple copies of the path, and also “/path/to/my/vst” which is probably from some tutorial and an invalid path. Maybe that breaks the compatibility. What have you tried so far to set the VST_PATH? Maybe some "~/.bashrc?

By default Ubuntu searches for a hidden vst folder in the home directory.

Since you already have created your vst folder you can create a symlink to it with the following command ( you might have to logout/login for it to register tho )

mkdir ~/.vst && ln -s ~/vst ~/.vst

Now when you place your vst plugins in the ~/vst folder they should be scanned by Renoise or actually another other native Linux daw.

That will only work if there isn’t already such a directory.

But could do, yeah or just install the vst into ~/.vst where all programs will look for plugins by default