VST Plugin GUIs sometimes (still) break keyboard input (note playback) in Renoise / Linux

This was fixed in some older version, but apparently I ran into this again:

There seems to be (still, again?) something wrong with the keyboard forwarding to VST plugins. I tried with Repro 1 (VST3) and Vitalium (VST3) and Hive (VST2). It should work when the VST window is not focused which basically works, but sometimes notes played on the computer keyboard don’t trigger notes in the plugin and I can’t switch between e.g. mixer and editor view. So connection get’s somehow lost. With midi keyboard it’s fine and always working.

Looks like that the focus is stuck to the plugin (as seen from the color of the window boarder). Closing and reloading the GUI fixes it, but it’s getting lost again after a while.

This behaviour can be triggered by holding down a key with the PC keyboard while moving a slider on the VST synth with the mouse (=both, Renoise and the VST seem to be focused).

Switching off “Overwrite window mangaer shortcuts” fixes it, but is not a solution.

link to the beta tester section: https://forum.renoise.com/t/fixed-rc2-linux-xfce-vst-plugin-guis-sometimes-break-keyboard-input-note-playback-in-renoise/66558

I don’t think so.

You can check this site:

It looks identical to Vital.

no difference :wink:

Hey, did you ever solve this? I’ve got U-He Diva playing some 4 note chords and every so often it won’t recognise the note off commands for one of the four columns, therefore the note just continues until the column hits another note. It’s so frustrating.

Edit: Renoise 3.4.2, W11 Pro, Latest build of Diva. Also, Renoise is not remembering to persist the “Multicore” enabled setting in Diva.

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Your issue is different from what is being discussed here, which is that on Linux, VST plugin UIs steal focus of the computer keyboard away from Renoise, and when the UI is open, a user cannot press keys on the computer keyboard to control Renoise.

If there are no forum posts that discuss the issue you are having, it may be better to create a new post to discuss with others further.

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My mistake.

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