Vst Plugin Handling

I have two suggestions for the better handling of vst-plugs !

Is it possible to save a checksum or similar to the rns-file for each vst-plug ? so that if the vst plug is there, only with a different filename, it simply uses the differently named plugin ?

and for the second one, I would be happy about an “obsolete” folder for plugins I do not use anymore but are needed by older songs of mine. the plugins in this folder should be usable by RNS files, but should not be listed in the VST-Effect list. The reason is simply that for some old songs I used plugins that I do not use anymore (like compressors and similar), but I have to keep them installed incase I ever need to wav-write the songs again. now they are taking up space in my VST-list without any need.

If this isn’t possible an alternative could be something like Ulead Videostrudio (or probably any other video editing app). If a file included in the project has been changed it says it cannot find it and you can choose to browse for a new file or just ignore it.

If the VSTi and VST lists are to be improved as discussed a couple of times before (a treeview list with possibility to rename VSTs etc…), maybe a flag could be included to mark it as hidden. That is if the VST list is built up from an XML file, as proposed by martinal I think. This would also solve the problem with some installed VSTs that cannot be moved because of registry settings…

would be also good to make possible to re-associate missed vst with another one, sometimes renoise doesn’t want to use a newer version of a plugin instead old one.