VST plugins not support in last Renoise versions

So I sometimes watch some YouTube video about Renoise subject. There is some old video from 2016. year where someone use some VST plugins. For example “Ambience”.
You can downloaded for free.
But this plugin not present in VST list.
Question: Which version of Renoise I must use for supporting all old VST plugins?

Works fine here, where are you looking for it? Should be looking for in the TrackDsp tab as it is for vst not vsti.

Look like, I not understand.

Ambience is a reverb and can be found in the bottom left of the gui pressing the icon that is white in the following screen capture;

In your screenshot you are in the instrument editor where you can find vsti plugins, synthesizers.

edit; be sure to check out the manual, for example on effects here; Effect Chains - Renoise User Manual


OK. My mistake. I must read more carefully the manual.
Thanks for the help.


Please ask questions while you learn, I’ve been using Renoise for a while and I’m still learning.

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Well… here I have another problem.
This time I have Tone2 Gladiator.
After playing few (about 10) presets first time, no sound. Check / pick up any next preset - no sound. After reloading plugin, it is happen faster - after 3 or 4 presets no sound. But in Instrument Properties sound is indicated.

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