Vst Plugins

a vst plugin is an effect or a synth, right,
are all renoises effects vst?
renoise doesnt come with synths does it,
you need to plug them in, are fruity’s all
vst? i know they probably put security on
their shit, did you know you cant even load
one of fruitys samples in another program.
also, do you know of a site where they show
you how to make your own vst plugins?

A VST plugin can be an effect or an instrument, it depends on how it identifies itself to it’s host so the host can classify the plugin as effect or instrument.

Renoise doesn’t come with synths no, but include a few demo songs and tutorials that contain samples so you get something that you can work with.

Making your own plugins requires knowledge of programming just as if you would make an ordinary executable.
If you want to do something ready-made or interpreted stuff, you can always try Synthedit which produces stuff that is usable in many hosts. Though not all people find these SynthEdit generated plugs of a very usable quality… But at least you don’t need to extensively learn to use a C compiler and the symantecs of a programming language before you can even produce something that produces “hello World”.


yes they are.

some are native ‘build in’ the rest is vst

No there are no synhts inside renoise itself
how to add them check: renoise wiki

very popular and relatively simple program to make them yourself is synthedit

there are much tutorials to make your own vst synths or effects like this one

im actually writing a music program atm, and are thinking about adding vst plugins.
thanks alot for explaining things to me. i had a look at synthedit and it looks too high level to be of any use, like you said vvoois, it looks a little too much like pasting synths together instead of making them from scratch properly.
and the eventual power of the program is limited to what they give you, and so many effects are just simple little arithmetic tricks, that they wont have, im pretty sure.
dont know anything about plugin standards, im a bit clueless about the situation.
i had a look at that other site and got a little confused. but i did read that cubase started vst, mmm.
is vst and midi irrevocably linked or can it have nothing to do with it?
im not a big fan of midi, it sounds like that would complicate issues a little.
id prefer just paramaters, input track data and output samples, that sounds more like what id
like to use, keeping it real simple. anyway, ill have to look more on the net about the subject,
would you use a music program that didnt have vst?
heres my music program, even though its way not finished
yet http://www.ridtracker.com/rt2.rar
i dont know how old that version is, on the server, its probably not worth downloading.

If you have no problems doing C++ programming…
You should be able to download the VST DSK documentation at steinberg.net but it is a bit cumbersome to track it…

The better entry for it will be here:
These docs and APIS give you an insight how to produce plugins.