Vst Preset Shortcut

I have checked in the manual and have not been able to find a keyboard shortcut for scrolling through VST presets. I would find this very useful.

Does anyone know if this exists already?

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I would also desperately need this feature. Scrolling through large preset banks can be such a pain.

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I was just thinking how nice it would be to save your favorite preset from a specific VST plug-in as an instrument in renoise (without actually rendering it an instrument). I habitually reach for the same patches in the same synths over and over again lol.

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I think you can do this already. I have a few hundred VST patches selected and saved as Renoise instruments so I don’t have to go and pick them each time, and it seems to work for me.

I set up a keyboard shortcut for ‘Save instrument as…’ and I use that when I get a VST set up the way I want.

(EDIT) The system automatically removed the post I quoted, so I need to edit to clarify I was responding to Ted Curran’s post, not Ledger’s feature request . . . I agree it’d be nice to have key binds for scrolling through VST presets.

What about using a VST plugin manager?
This way you can put your favorite instruments/presets from any VST you’ve got into one list. Of course you can create and manage your own lists, just like “Bass”, “Lead”, “Synth”, “Bell” or whatever. If you do so you will never need to scroll through your single VST soundbanks one by one with thousands of instruments and several instrument types ever again, and you will have a much better overview. I’m thinking about using it myself, but until now I haven’t used it yet. BUT it would make sense, no doubt. For example, I hate it when I have to switch between several VSTs and several soundbanks to find the one bass which would fit. With the help of a plugin manager all bass presets of any plugin could be in ONE list, just like you wish. The search would be so much easier and faster. Especially if you put your favorite presets in one list.

Interesting idea – I’ve never heard of a VST plugin manager. Do you have a favorite? A quick search revealed Owl Plug which is free and open source – always a good place to start. Thanks!

Update: I tried to install Owl Plug on my Mac and MacOS said “this application is damaged and needs to be moved to the trash”. Harsh! LOL Back to the drawing board…

Of course not, as I wrote I’ve never used it. Years ago someone recommended a plugin manager to me, I believe it was made by Kontakt or NI, but I’m not sure, it’s been too long. If I would like to use a plugin manager like tomorrow I would also have to look myself what’s there. The fact that you’re using a Mac doesn’t make it easier to find a proper program. But I’m sure there’s something for any system. You just have to look around. :wink:

I ended up adding this for plugin instruments to my “VSTi From Menu” tool. Only works with plugs that make presets available to renoise without an internal system that some have.

Latest version (1.84) here with shortcuts:

(for all shortcuts for this tool, just search the prefix VFM)

`VFM` Previous VSTi Preset
`VFM` Next VSTi Preset