Vst Problem In 1.9 Beta7

for some reason renoise isnt finding any of the vsts i have on ym computer can any 1 help ? cheers Jk

did you set the VST folder correctly in your configuration options?

No i wasnt aware i had to do this, how should i go about changing the settings? Jk

Edit > Preferences > Misc



cheers ive found the vst’s how come im limited to just 2 instruments at a time my mate has renoise 1.5 on his comp n he has all his vst’s showin up on instrument settings. Jk

you probably have selected a folder inside your vst plugins folder. Make sure you select the mother root or whats it called?

Quick tip:
I have a fairly obvious VST folder, C:\VST-DX, and I put everything in there. I also have C:\Samples :)

This makes it very easy to find VST and samples if you’re using more than one audio app. [or just one]. Unfortunately no other audio apps can load .flac which I converted my sample library to for renoise… but whatever :P

ah cheers mate , yes all laughin on the vst front now , whats flac? Jk


spot on for that peeps , all sorted !!! im amazed at this forum compared 2 dogs on acid people actually help u without condecending you n tryin 2 make you look like a prick for no reason every question turns into a battle to see who can b the biggest prick , massive respect to renoiser’s the world over ur a good bunch lol. Jake