Vst Related Question

Hey all,

Got a bit of a problem that needs solving…not really renoise related as such so I thought to post here.

Basically I’m looking for a program that will capture the output of a directx based program (an old audio editor FYI) and allow me to apply a VST effect to it - or a chain of VST effects if there is something that caters for this - and map the knob parameters to a midi controller of some description

One VST effect will suffice, and I’m hoping to not have to fork out huge sums of money for this…

Beatslaughter kindly introduced me to “Spin Audio Directx Wrapper”, however this is not quite right as it applies the VST effect whilst still in the program and does not allow for midi mapping.

Any ideas, or perhaps a work-around solution, would be greatly appreciated. This will help me get back to my roots in music :)

Ah, if only you used a mac ;) … then you could use audiohijack pro or soundflower + bidule.

For windows, there’s Virtual Audio Cable (costs money, but probably not much. I can’t find where to buy it? :unsure: )

A bit of googling for virtual audio devices for directx might yield something open source, I have to get back to work now though.

Best of luck.

problem solved with audiomulch and a second sound card :)

What a shame you don’t have an audio card that supports mixed mode.
Mine does and i can record directly from the wavemapper without needing any special software.
I used it a hundred dozen times to record “stream-only” songs and still have it in my MP3 collection

that sounds pretty handy, what (decent, affordable) cards do that (without software emulation that chews CPU…if you dont mind me asking :))?

my card is nearly 10 years old, I was inches away from purchasing a better card to do something similar with virtual audio cable and minihost. But lots of expense so I just got another equally crappy old soundcard and daisychained…for now…

as a pleasant side effect I can make some nice distortion out of the crappiness, goes well with breakcore :)

i think pretty much every soundcard does not nowadays. i used to use a maxisound muse to record bbc radio 1 broadcasts about 5 years ago. and that was a cheap card even back then. any soundblaster from soundblaster live and newer will do it. any of the pro stuff too like m-audio, etc

even motherboard onboard sound should, as they use a similar processor to the maxisound muse series … most of them seem to be “c-media 8738”