VST remote host

So i’m still wondering how i can run vst’s on a remote windows machine but my main working machine will be a linux box running ubuntu?

Can renoise work over steinbergs vst system link?

You can send Midi data through a network (Try using the search phrase RTP-midi in google) and then control plugins with that.
You need a host on Windows that receives the Midi data and processes them.

Automating parameters of plugins will be cumbersome though and not all internal plugin parameters will have a CC message attached to them.

Cheers, not quite what i was looking for - was hoping for a solution for plugin parameter control on the local machine but
looks like i’m plain out of luck and dreaming :) Thanks vV

When working across networks you at least need a protocol capable of transmitting music specific data across the wire.
Plugins by default only listen to embedded signalling which so far i understood, does not work swell across networks.
If you want a platform independent solution and you can shell out the cash, you can try hardware solutions like receptor.

Or a DIY project with Forte:

Thanks vV! Receptor looks interesting! It looks as though there isn’t enough reason for companies to invest in detailed remote vst hosting but then again i’m probably the only one out of five wanting access to this technology. Thanks again

It looks like i pasted the wrong Youtube video in my message (the copy shortcut sometimes fails epically on my side), corrected it with the proper link.