[VST] Renoise does not recognize SoundToys Devil-Loc plugin

Dear All,

I’ve encountered some issues with SoundToys’ Devil-Loc plugin.

For some reason Renoise does not recognize the freshly installed plugin despite that it has been installed into the proper VST folder. What is interesting is that I have already another plugin from SoundToys installed (Little Radiator) which works just fine, no issues at all. I’ve found a related topic for Reaper, seems to be the same problem there as well:https://forum.cockos.com/archive/index.php/t-93712.html

Does anyone have a solution to this? Thank you in Advance!


Renoise version: x64, latest (3.1.1.)

VST version: x64, latest installer, iLok license activated in iLok license manager (for both mentioned plugins)

VST folder: custom VST folder set under the Plugins/Misc section under Renoise settings

I have now installed the 32 bit version of Devil-Loc, and this way Renoise is able to recognize the plugin properly thanks to the plugin bridge feature. Now the problem is that it is still a 32 bit plugin running in a 64 bit environment that is not the intended usage, and I would still prefer if I could use the 64 bit version Devil Loc with my 64 bit Renoise.

(Again, I have no issues with SoundToys’ other 64 bit plugins, such as the Little Radiator for example. This problem persist only with the Devil-Loc 64 bit version so far.)

Did you install VST3 or VST2? 64bit?

Try both if you didn’t