VST Rescan locks up

So I’ve had a problem, and I’ve had it on 2 different computers now, does anyone else have this? It doesn’t happen 100% of the time but probably 80%. I disabled VST scan on startup because of it.

When Renoise tries to scan for new VST’s, it just freezes, goes into “not responding”. I can just leave it alone a few minutes and it will do it, and once it actually starts scanning it’s lightning fast, but it just has to lock up first.

It’s most likely you have not properly installed VST. Try to check “Rescan previously failed plugins” in “Plug/Misc” pan of preferences.

I actually have that checked already, maybe I should uncheck it?

sometimes, this problem come with some antivirus software. try to set it or disable it for a moment to check if the problem is here again

I don’t use any, except for what comes with windows itself. Also, it never does this when Reaper rescans.