Vst Scanning...

Is there an option to prevent Renoise scanning for plugins when it starts up? It still takes ages to go through my (admittedly large) plugin folder, even when there are no new plugins. I’d rather just scan manually from within the app when I know there is something new than be forced to wait the minute plus it currently takes to start…

is this in 1.9 or 1.8? I also am a plugin whore but scanning is only withold a bit by the waves shell dll’s. Otherwise it’s pretty fast.

It’s still slow with the latest beta. I think it is because I have a lot of nested directories in my plugin folder (especially Wusikstation with all it’s sound libraries)…this slow scanning is not exclusive to Renoise, but in my other apps, I can bypass scanning at startup. If there is no way to do this in Renoise, I guess this is a feature request for it to be added…

i think this will work.

go to the preferences

click on misc with the vst icon

uncheck the paths for it to scan you vst directories.

but you will not be able to use any vsts though.

I’ve also feature requested the disable/enable-ment of vstscanning at startup before, so +1 for that.

yes, by checking its contents. :D

actually checking the last modification date of the vst-folder is not a bad idea. Won’t really work if you saved some setting or did something else in there besides (un)installing a vst, but it should save some trouble if you really didn’t do something in there.

btw, one thing I never got is why renoise is always taking so long to check the waveshell.dll …

Yes, that could indeed be done but is a bit tricky to do on Windows.

We have to open it each time to see if there are new wave shelled plugs available. The waveshell dll is a container for all the Waves plugs which are installed somewhere else. There are no real VST dlls which we could check: it acts like a folder where we have to check its contents by opening it.

deosnt’t every windows folder have a “last modified” date ? I use this in total commander all the time.
And when you save the “modified date” of the vst-folder everytime renoise is being closed and just check it at each new renoise-start you won’t even have a problem with VSTs writing cfg files or something (given the fact you are not using another audiosoftware). I think it’s really worth a shot, in the worst case nothing will happen, if it works you save some start-up time.

about waveshell, that makes sense.

It still loads a SHIT load faster than any other Host I have used, so I think this is not that high on the to do list…

Any improvements are good, of course.

I would think that adding a simple option to prevent Renoise scanning on startup would be easy enough to add…there is already an option to rescan the plugins from within Renoise and I would prefer to do that when I need to, which would result in a near instantaneous startup.

How long is “takes ages” - does the scanning on startup take in your case? I have a LOT of plugs here (guess why) and the scanning takes about 1 to 3 seconds (depending on how busy the HD) is.

Yeah, I dont think it takes ages either.

A little extra time for loading a mentally good app like Renoise is no biggie. I think even on my piece of shit laptop it loads pretty fast. Much faster than something like iTunes, or Photoshop for sure.

I timed it from when the ‘scanning’ message appeared to disappearing and it took 105 seconds. There is no fragmentation problems on the HD and there were no new plugins in the directory from when I last launched Renoise. This is why I would like to bypass scanning on startup…

105 second is really long, how large is your vst folder in gigs? Maybe there isn’t a link between startup time and amount of plugins, but startup time and taken harddisk space for the vst folder. Similar to why, when browsing samples in the diskop, you have to wait before content is shown sometimes <- since renoise collects everything in ram (right?).

I mentioned Wusikstation in my second post, as all it’s sound libraries are in the VST folder and most of those are fairly deeply nested…I know this is probably mostly the cause of the slow scanning (it’s around 28gb), but I’m not inclined to move it and potentially cause problems with using the plugin.

My issue isn’t so much the amount of time taken to scan (as I mentioned earlier, it’s similar to the time taken for my other hosts to scan), but more that I cannot bypass this scan and do it manually when I need to, which is something I can do in the other hosts…

I swear, my laptop performs better when the weather is cooler. Yesterday was HORRIFICALLY humid, and today is very much cooler and my laptop is firing away like lightening.

I have Wusik installed too, with around 20GB of library stuff. I have my data folder outside of the VST folder on my sample disk though. I don’t think you’ll have any problems moving the folder. Just be sure to move the complete “Wusikstation DATA” folder and next time you run the plugin it will ask you for the new location. There shouldn’t be any problems at all.