Vst Snapshots

I don’t think a lot of other people other than myself would appreciate this feature, but the ability to recall snapshots (and I don’t mean like 2 or three of them, but 128 (FF)) of VST knob positions via a command would be super swell. Some applications:

1.) You could make a single VST sound like ‘battling solos’. In other words, hit snapshot 01 and play a little ditty then call up snapshot 2 and play more. It sounds like 2 different synths, but it’s the same synth doing all the work.

2.) Glitchy synths without sampling for maximum control. I wish I could give an example or two that many people would know as an example, but I guess just imagine a quick arpaggio where every note sounds like a completely different synth, again, all done with a single synth and without sampling (which would disallow manipulation those sounds in ways the sample can’t be).

Again, suggested before but an X morph between snapshots would fit right in here…hell, even a Audiomulch type 2D control for morphing between lots of patches would be cool in this respect as well. It’s very tough to automate drastic changes on a VST efficiently. You can spend hours on a single pattern trying to get the sound you want just doing this…which the feature would greatly reduce the time of…(make snapshots, make morph map, play around with the mouse while recording, done)

Yeahhhh… when using automation to control several VSTi parameters it can get very confusing/tedious very quickly, so I just don’t do it that much… something as what you are suggesting would probably change that…

Oh, and 0-FF = 256 :)

My bad…hex isn’t fluent even though been using it a while now…guess it’s because at work they don’t tell me the meeting is at A:F o’clock. :P Heh…

Why so sad? More knob positions for everyone! :D

Totally agree to this feature! That’s one of the features that’s only been implemented by machine coders for buzz tracker and still makes it so freaking insanely flexible - you can make snapshots of just about anything and switch between them on the fly.

IMHO it’s severely missed and a must, (along with scriptable real-time sequence and instrument control)
But then again, Renoise is still more SAMPLE-oriented, not VST. Otherwise it would handle multitimbral and multi-output instuments properly.



I would use this definately.
Even better would be the ability to ‘tween’ between two snapshots \ [^ _ ^] /

It might freak out certain plugins but, the risk would be worth it.