Vst Suggestions

Can anyone recommend me some really nice sounding (not some space-techno-weird sounding intruments) to create some delicate sound patterns, or something smilar to Massive Attack synths…
I’ve tried many (really long list) but most of them aren’t useful…
Or maybe I could use some halp about chords or some techniques to use them right?
I’ll apreciate any help, cause i want my tunes to sound good…


it always raises my eyebrows when people ask for synths that are supposed to match a certain sound of a certain electronic music subgenre, which in this case would be hip- and trip-hop.
there actually aren’t that many sorts of different synths around as the majority of’em is either additive, subtractive, FM, physical modeling or wavetable based. í’m pretty (that’s actually an understatement) sure whatever synthesis you might chose - none of the above are inapplicable to be used for trip-hop music production.
it all depends on how you use, program and combine (fx-wise) them.
being a frequent massive attack listener, i’m pretty sure they use a lot of sample / wavetable stuff in a combination with decent effect units, professional mastering and some sort of analogue synthesizing.
but most commonly the main aspect of their music is based on lyrics.

i’d say for relaxed trip-hop, the most important tools would be

  • a decent delay unit (i.e. ohmforce ohmboyz)
  • a reverb unit of reasonable quality (i.e. waves trueverb)
  • a diversified pool of (multi)samples (-> wavetable synths)
  • everything being useful to master a track (compressor, limiter, stereo-imager, EQ, filters, etc…)

but i’d see no reason for why you shouldn’t be able to write trip-hop with FM or additive synths as well.

Is this what you might call taking a quote out of propotion? :P

But seriously, the best tracked hiphop music I’ve heard is all sample based, just rip off some old orchestral tune, use lofi-beats…

What kind of ‘sound’ are you after, as in do you have some tracks in mind that have just THAT sound you really want to replicate? Or is it just about the hiphop ‘feel’?

mhh, I have to say I dont really grab that question either …
If I do hiphop/triphop stuff I usually go through my “got-it-4-cheap-cause-its-crap”-collection of records to find a good lick/part somewhere, sample it, try to mangle it with all the other licks/parts I got from other records, write some good drums, add my own style to all this mess, which mostly involves creative use of drumloops and a bunch of effects, mostly delays, and only sometimes I find the need for a vsti.
even then its mostly to write a nice fitting bassline or something like that, and if I really want to add something of my own then there is no vsti I use exclusively, sometimes the tracks needs some kind of cheesy 80s synth, sometimes I need something rhodes/hammond-like, sometimes its only echoed bleeps …
so before you ask for a vsti you might need to think about the sound you want to achieve, like sagosen said already.

I use Reaktor & The Korg Legacy for my hip hop beats.

The best beats I have heard were made using synthesizers not samples, but I’m into more of the funky shit.

Bosco, Phonk Beta, Rick Rock, Daz, Dj Pooh, Don Juan, Lil Jon & alot of others use synthesizers for most of there beats. Which is why I don’t understand why you all are so set on telling him to use samples.

To your comment on chords, YES! Most synths are going to sound soft without some serious work on that.

afaik, Del Naja is a big sampler (esp vinyl). He’s also a big dub fan, so it may be worth while to check out some old dub records and listen to how the effects are done (especially delay).

You might want to get some glitchy vsts too, eg. dfx @ smartelectroniks.

Some other easy ones would be mda’s ‘dub delay’ (or the ohmboys if you’ve got the cpu grunt), and anyone of the vsti ‘mellowtron’ plugs (I use a free one called ‘mellowsound’), because that old sound crops up quite a bit.

The Renoise native effects used in the right way with energyXT will aslo give the right sound too.

Having said all that, you can just screw around yourself and come up with your own sound, which would be original and advisable.

the point is not that you’re unable to write trip-hop/hip hop beats with synths, it’s about the fact that most commonly samples are being used for that - in particular regarding “massive attack”.
i try to use synthetic drums wherever i can, because it makes the tune sound more individual and satisfies me personally more because i know i did not rip anything from anybody and everything is “homegrown”.
but still, generally talking, samples are the most common source for this kinda beats.

but as i already said in my previous post - whatever music genre you’re into, it’s definately not restricted to a certain sort of sound generation, be it sample, synth or accoustic.
the only restriction i see is the biological something sitting in front of the DAW.

You mean my pet fungus doesn’t support USB2.0??? That’s why the latency is so gbsbdgbgbgjsbgbbbbbbgbbgbnnnnngngnnn////… :lol: :lol: :blink:

some vsti’s I find useful:

for whurly/rhodes: MrRay73/LoungeLizard/EVP73
for bass: FabFilter
for drums: Attack (a bit of 808 is always good under sampled drums to beef them up)
for general synths/keys: Mode.Poly/Bang.fm/Vstation
for organ: B4/Sampletank
for more ‘organic’ keyboard sounds: Wavestation

thx, the FabFilter makes so damn good sounding bass!
and utilizes such a small cpu consumption!
thx for advice