VST synthesizer as FX plug in ???

Hello ,sorry for my bad enlish (I am from Germany). I have the following problem, I use Renoise 3.0 with dssi-vst under kxstudio 14:04.
After the scan plug in to the dive with me some VST synthesizer as FX plug in the.
I can not load as a VST instrument it. Is there a problem solution?

I don’t know if I understand your question, but can you just not find the synthesizer? Click on the “Instrument Settings” tab near the bottom of the screen. There is an “Instrument” drop down menu within that tab. That’s where you will probably find the synthesizer.

The vst synthesizer “discodsp discovery” and " u-HE DIVA" is listet in the dsp fx browser (effekte).

So i can’t use it as instrument.