Vst to xrni-Instrument: Is This Possible ?

Lets say you wanna Sample a Vst Instrument to a Xrni-Instument.

Ill do it that way.

empty pattern. loading vst instrument.

c-note: render to sample -> edit it

then i select the next sample:

c#-note: render to sample / adjust instrument in the instrument tab

and so on.

Would it be possible to automate this ?

e.g. you select min max range of the note and hit one magic button ?

from what i know / seen, xrns tools are more of “offline” manipulation of the xrns data, so i dont see how the “render to sample” thing would work, but i guess it would be possible to make something that put out the notes, with the given range and velocity etc saved that xrns document, but then you’d have to do quite alot of manual work later on anyway.

anyway, i’m no expert on the subject, but i do doubt that what you want to do will be hard with a xrns manipulation tool

there are too many variables which would turn such a dialog into a mess: velocity intervals, note intervals, note durations, MIDI CC values, …

there are some tools which can render VST instruments to WAV (if I remember well, one of them is called Sample Robot) and have indeed quite crowded interfaces.

if you don’t plan to make lots of variations and would simply like to perform a one-sample-per-note conversion, you could prepare a template song with a note for each pattern, labeling each pattern with “C-4”, “C#4”, and so on, and rendering the song. only drawback is that you have to manually cut the sample, while the advantage is the reusability of the song with every instrument.

Indeed i dont plan to make big variations. I simply wanna get the vst mapped somehow to one xrni-instrument. I thought, at least the mapping would be possible.

Xlutop Chainer, the free demoversion can take a vst instrument and render it to samples.

You define the sample length, the velocity and note range+how many notes.

Very useful.

Though it would be great if someone wrote a script that took those samples and made
an renoise instrument out of them.


Extreme Sample Converter can do this: VST Sampling -> XRNI conversion.

Also, DiscoDSP Highlife VSTi can host a synth and render it to samples


BTW Check out the aliasing tests, there’s a Renoise link!


I use “Extreme Sample Converter v3.53” and I must say that it is interesting, powerful and easy-use :slight_smile: This tool is a + for Renoisers who wish use .WAV/.XRNI format from VST Instrument Plugins in Renoise 2 !