VST update delay

Exactly why is it that the VST compressor plugin I’m using (Sonitus:fx) doesn’t update in realtime? When using Modplug Tracker there were no problems whatsoever, but in Renoise the gain reduction value just doesn’t get updated in realtime, making compression very difficult to do. Would it be the plugin developer’s fault, or is Renoise perhaps doing something that’s causing this? :( Renoise does seem most obvious of-course, as MPT was working fine. I’ve also tried using the plugin in Sound Forge 6.0, but the result is even worse, often not even updating at all.

Is anyone else actually using the same set of plugins, and hence experiencing the same problem, by the way?

I also had a look at the ‘built-in’ compressor plugin that comes with Renoise, but percentages for the attack and release parameters? How are you supposed to work that well? And there isn’t even a knee? :blink:

I take that back. MPT does appear to have the same problem now that I have XP. So perhaps the problem lies in that? But then it also happened in Renoise when I was running v1.1 in Win2k, and I do remember having slight similar intermittend problems in Modplug Tracker then as well.

It also isn’t really an ‘update delay’ problem, but more a fact that the amount of gain reduction is always different, even if the input sound is exactly the same. Very strange. :huh: