Vst Video Sync Recommendation

I know this has been asked before but can anyone recommend a VST to sync to video. Something simple and preferably free, to load video file and sync to start of playing of song and to sync when song is fast forwarded to for example middle to play video from middle if possible. I’ve tried a few but those that tried didn’t work really (or didn’t show up at all in VST instrument/effects) so it must obviously work with Renoise. If it would have something like Autoseek in Renoise but for video that would be even better.

This might be also a feature suggestion for future versions. Rendering to wav is not really good option when doing video-sync.

Any recommendations?

I knew I remembered VLC having some level of OSC control. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like sync/timecode are there, just basic start/stop/load commands.

That got me onto looking to see if I could find a media player that would slave to OSC/MTC/SMPTE but surprised to see nobody seems to think it worthwhile to include either slave or master modes (although obviously only a quick search.)

I find that quite a shame and sorry I can’t actually help with your request. Your OS and what bit version you would prefer may be useful for people who might have a VST to recommend. ;)

I have no idea if this does what you need, or is active/stable. But anyways, stumbled across it by googling with some magic keywords.
To note: it seems to have OSC control.

I wouldn’t be surprised if with Linux you could use at least some of the video editor programs too. Maybe looking at free video NLEs for your OS may be an idea…

(I need to reinstall my Linux and try again to move away from Doze.)

I haven’t tried it myself but Reaper has video support and just recently added OSC support. Maybe you can hook Renoise up to it.

puredata does midi and osc…would allow you to trigger vids via renoise.
and im sure there is a way of getting it to seek from midi timecode info…but this opens up another can of worms…normal avi videos are terrible for syncing…they dont have enoght keyframes, and they actually take quite a bit of processing power to seek through…i suggest downloading the manual for “resolume” and reading the chapter “preparing media for Vjing”, your vieos will run a lot better with any vjing software f you take it into consideration…

I had assumed it was more for writing music/score to a video, than VJing alongside Renoise, but I could obviously be wrong. For this a typical I-Frame every 12 frames (for MPEG2 TS streams) wouldn’t be too detrimental, and even long GOPs of 24-36 would probably only be slightly annoying. MJPEG or similar type of encoding would obviously be a great benefit for VJing or similar.

Recently been having to try and get my head around the Quantel sQ servers and our inhouse Jupiter systems and was quite surprised to find that they store each frame separately, then use a SQL database to reference any edited clip and which frames it points at, so viewing and editing can be done while recording is taking place, new edits don’t take up any extra space on the server and when the house-keeping routines are done only the frames which still have a slip pointed to them which aren’t past the expiry data and deleted, rather than deleting full clips as such.

Anyway that is going far off topic! And unfortunately Resolume is far from free! A couple of good friends of mine use it to good effect VJing though ;)

resolume is way too expensive…for me too:-( but i was just thinking that the manual made some good points about encoding and processing, and if its just music score the fella wants it is a bit of an overkill,
Renoise rewired to reaper is then probably the trick…
(but id still like to see a video scoring patch in puredata…)

I could build you a simple Max/Msp/Jitter App, just depends on what OS you’re running.

Just come across this elsewhere and it appears it should work on all three of the big OSes, although you will needs Jack For Windows/OSX installed if you’re not on a Linux variant (still need Linux Jack if you are too…) Will sync to MTC, LTC and Jack Transport according to a quick glance at the manual :)