Vst Video

Anyone know of a vst plugin that can be used as a video player? would come in handy for video soundtrack production in renoise …

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That totally makes sense!
I see what you mean because I’m in some similar situation… I would love to be able to synch the two suckers and have sound and video starting at the same moment each time I press my R-CTRL B)

whoa i really like this idea
the impilcations!!!
av micro-editors dream come true!
just have to have the host be able to save and load the proper formats.

Holy crap…
I see the option:
“Render to AVI”

A little video window on Renoise would be cool.
I usually have to make soundtracks for movies and I cannot do it “realtime” with Renoise :(

I’m not saying this should be a renoise feature (heaven knows there’s a million more important ones on the current todo list) but I’m kind of surprised no one has ever coded such a vst… not all midi sequencers have video support (those i know of are logic and nuendo) so this could be a pretty usefull tool … i looked arround on the web and found absolutely nothing. Maybe someone should suggest this to arguru or other vsti programmers :)

I have no idea, but doesnt Renoise send out a midisignal when play is pressed to sync with secondary Renoise. Couldnt that signal be picked up with those other fancy schmancy sequenciers/video editors.

At least for now there is a VST chess :)

There is a response from an reFX developer in this thread who basically said the market would be too small due to the functionality being already in a lot of hosts.

Agree though it could be a very useful VST.

market too small? yeah i suppose it makes sens in a way.
then again, someone took the time to make a vst chess game :P

May be worth getting on to Tobybear to see if he has time and motivation for this VST too… :)

What about a vst that has SMPTE protocol in it can this be routed to sync a video with Renoise or is this an outdated protocol?

that is awesome…

and 100% pointless