VST window opens but also dock on OSX

Hi folks,

Probably a simple solution, hope you can help.

Using Renoise 3.01 on OSX

When I load up a vst, the vst window opens, and the dock also appears at the bottom.

Kind of annoying as I have to keep clicking back and forth from the renoise screen to the vst window when I make any changes to vst synth sliders etc.

It never happened on my old renoise, only since I switched to 64 bit.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the suggestion

I tried that, no joy sadly.

Then the plugin you are using quite likely is a 32bit plugin and thus must be “bridged” when used in a 64it version of Renoise. Please check if there is an updated version of the plugin available which supports 64bit systems.

You should not see a dock icon for it though. We’re manually suppressing this.

On which OSX have you tried that? Does that happen with all plugins or only a specific one?

Hey off topic but with using Synthmaster, sometimes SM opens a system alert dialogue, which will be placed between the renoise gui and the vst gui…

since thesystem alert dialogue then prevents any input to neither renoise windows nor vst gui windows, it’s quite hard to get to this alert popup… I think I switched to second virtual screen, since alerts will stay on all, not so the normal windows…

is this a problem produced by Renoise or by Synthmaster?