Vst Windows

I dont know if this was asked before, but is there a reason why the editor window of a vst effect gets closed when I open another one ? Is there no way to have several of them on the screen ?

i wondered of that before, too… is really useful sometimes to have two windows open.

I guess that`s a problem with the limitation of renoise´ GUI.

but it would be great if it could be overcome, because I have 2 monitors and could fill the other one will all vst windows I need.

however, why a limitation ? other software I know can do this :D

but does your other software use a dos based gui?

renoise’s gui surely isn’t dos based.

ok. If you say so it looks pretty much the same like runnig Fasttracker (dosbased) or Noisetrekker and it is not really a standard windows window or is it? So I think that it has to do with the general gui, what doesn`t mean that I know it for sure, of course.

Renoise uses DirectDraw for the GUI, which definitely has nothing to do with DOS :)

ah…but what is the windows behaviour then?

It is not a standard window - or am I totally on the wrong site?

It was just a choice that we made that only one VSTWindow is visible at once. If you dont have two monitors, more than one VSTWindow is more confusing than helpful. So its not because of a technical limitations.

i only have one monitor, but still find it useful sometimes to have a control/ visualation plug open (such as inspector for example) and tweak an other plugin at the same time.

How about a config option to either have only one or multiple VSTi windows…?

yeah please ! would be so great if this could be used very soon … like with the next update … which is in 2 days, is it ? :D
no seriously, that is something which would make me do crimes for.

I would like to have both options at the same time. So why dont have a ‘keep open’ check box under the plugin editor. Beside the ‘Enable keyboard’.


wow, great idea.

Like a “Pin window” option?
So every time a new VST window is opened,
all VST windows that isn’t pinned is closed?

yes, to keep confusion away from other users which do not want this options. if they dont click something everything will be like always.

Yes… Because most of the times you do wanna close the vst windows after using it. So its better to manually pin the ones you wanna keep open.

A great idea. Many times you miss the overview if you use many vsts and you wanna make small adjustments here and there. Its alot of opening and closing windows and it would be nice if I could line the windows up in front of me instead.