Vst Woes...


so hmm. phoscyon (by the way thanks for the tip, its a dream and sounds shweet, easier to use than rebirth also) wont show in renoise. im looking under the VST bit in the DSP chain bussiness (i only half know what im on about here) and it aint there. my others are showing but not this one.

i would sack it off and make a brew but i only found out about it cuz of renoise users so i must asume it can be made to comply.


Ya thats weird man. Make sure its in the right vst folder. Other than that i dunno. Its workin for me.

some of my others like dsk strings dont show either. ill try a few other little things like changing/creating a new dir etc…cheers anyhow.

update: so yeah, iv just noticed that the only CSTs that are showing under Track DSPs are VST effects rather than any VSTi.

so my next Q (sorry to be a ball ache) is how do i access VSTi’s saved as dlls given that one accesses other instruments as wav’s…?

im probably being a tools here but i really want to try and stick at this renoise lark. cheers.

  1. Click the Intrument Settings button (next to Track DSPs).

  2. Choose one of your installed VSTis from the Instrument list in the VST Instrument Properties panel.

More information and screenshots can be found here: Renoise Tutorials: Using VST Instruments

aaaaaaaaah! as if i didnt look in the far right box. what a fool iv been. right, well time to make another e.p.