I am on a Macbook Pro running renoise 1.8. I have my vst plugins in the VST plugins folder with Renoise configured to scan that folder for vst plugins. the problem is, renoise is only recognizing one plugin, and the rest aren’t showing up in the vst instrument screen. can anyone help me figure out what is going on, or what i need to do to get renoise to recognize my vst instruments? thanks!


Hmm no idea, on PC pointing and Scanning the right folder is enough, Renoise also scans subfolders.

When running an Intel Mac, make sure that you have Intel Mac compatible VST plugins installed (universal binary versions of the VSTs). The old VSTs that you used on your old PPC Macs wont work on your Intel box…

Many VSTs are already upgraded, so you maybe just need to download/get the latest versions…

The plugins im using are the universal binary versions for an intel mac, i already made sure of that. would renoise recognize the plugins even if they werent compatible? what im getting at is, would they show up on the instrument menu? IF that is the case then there is something wrong with my installation. if incompatible instruments wont even show up, then im pretty sure i can write my instruments off as incompatible. Thanks for your help.

Renoise will not show them if they are not compatible or failed to load. A “Get Info…” in the finder will show you if the VST files are universal or not.

You might try to trash the “/Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V1.8.0/FailedCachedVsts.xml” file. If you then restart Renoise, you will see in the log file ("/Users/USERNAME/Library/Logs/Renoise.log") which plugs were scanned and/or failed.

Have you set up and enabled the VST paths in Renoises preferences? See Preferences->Misc/VST->VST Paths